Congratulations to FIJI '19!

FIJI '19 has recently been announced as the overall winners of Homecoming 2015!  FIJI came in first with 95 overall points, blowing out the rest of the competition, with next highest score being 66 overall points. FIJI has now won Homecoming 3 years straight and won 4 out of the past 5 years!  The Wabash College Little Giants also continued their dominance on the football field with a 38-0 win over the Hiram Terriers.  Congrats to both FIJI '19 and the Wabash College football team!  To see the final results of Homecoming 2015 and pictures of FIJI's banner and  float click here.


Pig Dinner 

The Annual Frank Norris Pig Dinner will take place this year on November 7th.  It will take place in the Detchon International Hall on campus.  For this special event, we invite alumni and special guests back to campus to interact with current members and other graduate brothers.  To read more click here.